Agency Updates

More popular but less understood: Re-branding ITB

In the context of South Africa, the institution of uBukhosi remains a very significant element in society, which cannot be ignored. UBukhosi is a contested and highly political institution because of its association with authority and power. Within the South African polity, currently uBukhosi and traditional institutions are at the centre of major policy conflict […]

KZN Legislature tasks Igunundu with promoting popular participation through social media

Social media has become a legitimate source of news and information. During hard COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, livestreaming events on social platforms has been helping fill the void, offering new ways for brands, experts, influencers and customers to connect. The dramatic uptake in social media use this past two years presented an irresistible opportunity for brands […]

Building and Banking on Ithala’s 60 Years’ Experience

Ithala Development Financial Corporation (IDFC) has an enormous role to play in the entire economy of KwaZulu Natal. Within the post Covid-19 environment, there is no better time for IDFC to reposition its developmental mandate to help guide the entire economic activity of the province.  Its property / infrastructure development which until recently has only […]

Igunundu partners with M&G in promoting vernacular languages

Igunundu Agency is slowly transforming the media industry narrative through language. The passion for creating content in indigenous languages has resulted in exponential growth, most importantly strategic partnerships. One of the partnerships was with the leading and revered weekly English publication, the Mail and Guardian.   In 2021 the agency presented an idea which was […]

Igunundu Podcast exposes organised crime

Our staff are always encouraged to use their sense of community to respond to pressing issues of the day and champion causes that are not widely recognised or fashionable yet have a lasting social value. Over the years, we have highlighted issues of disability, poverty, crime and abuse of vulnerable groups in our society. These […]